Upskilling and empowering effective teams

The UK workforce are facing numerous challenges such as increased demands amidst shrinking resources, the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, and changes in working patterns post-Covid-19. Although managers acknowledge these pressures, they often lack the tools and confidence to initiate meaningful conversations to address these stressors.

Conversations around workplace resilience are vital for creating a positive environment, enabling organisations and employees to bounce back swiftly from challenges. Our resilience training provides workforces with essential tools to navigate these challenges, fostering adaptability, fortitude, and a positive mindset. By enhancing coping mechanisms and stress management strategies, employees can thrive amidst uncertainties, leading to improved wellbeing, increased productivity, and sustained organisational success.

We present a comprehensive workforce resilience package designed to equip employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to make positive behaviour changes for healthier lifestyles, financial wellbeing, and improved physical and mental health, while also supporting their colleagues to do the same.


Our full-day resilience workshops enable employees to focus on developing their capacity to respond to work pressures and everyday life demands. Participants will learn key psychology concepts such as self-efficacy, social support, and coping strategies to enhance their psychological resilience. These evidence-backed interventions draw on cognitive-behavioural techniques to increase psychological capability. Participants will gain an understanding of stress, develop personal awareness and coping strategies, and create an action plan for maintaining resilience moving forward.

Participants who complete these workshops can attend our series of follow-up reflection sessions to continue peer support and sustain their learning. These sessions will explore how staff members have implemented their new skills and strategies, set new goals, and discuss any challenges they have faced, navigating them with the support of Healthy Dialogues and fellow learners.

This series of bite-size online workshops help staff understand the factors impacting their wellbeing and how to cultivate healthy habits for positive wellbeing and resilience. They are designed to address challenges typically faced by workforces, helping them to build an understanding of their own stressors and identify and develop their own coping strategies and resilience.

These interactive half-day workshops equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to promote positive mental wellbeing within their organisation. Participants will delve into understanding emotional wellbeing and identify signs of low mental wellbeing. They will gain confidence and skills to initiate conversations about wellbeing and support others in making positive changes using solution-focused questioning. Delegates will receive a coaching toolkit for ongoing support, including signposting to local health and wellbeing resources.