Who we are

Healthy Dialogues is an independent behaviour change advisory and delivery consultancy based in UK. Established in 2013 by Dr Ashlee Mulimba, a Chartered Health Psychologist, Healthy Dialogues was founded to support organisations to understand and apply behaviour change approaches.

The Healthy Dialogues team are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to empowering people and communities to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.
We work with organisations and communities to co-design, deliver and evaluate effective behaviour change interventions. We offer tangible results while working in partnership with you.
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Meet the team

Picture of Ashlee

Dr Ashlee Mulimba


Ashlee is a Chartered Health Psychologist and Public Health Professional with over 15 years experience in delivering training, research and strategy within the NHS, Local Authorities and Charity Sector. She has a special interest in evidenced-based interventions underpinned by psychological theory.
Photo of Puja

Dr Puja Patel

Health Psychologist

Puja has a keen interest in training development and delivery, particularly around health promotion and behaviour change. To date she has delivered several training programmes such as Motivational Interviewing, Making Every Contact Count, and train the trainer programmes. Puja has frontline experience of developing and delivering cultural awareness and safety training.
Photo of Rebecca

Rebecca Maclean

Assistant Health Psychologist

Rebecca has a special interest in health and wellbeing interventions. She has a Masters in Health Psychology and has spent her formative career supporting patients in care homes. She also has experience supporting the health and wellbeing of forensic psychiatric inpatients. Rebecca supports many of our service evaluations, research, and training programmes.
Picture of Joel Mulimba

Dr Joel Mulimba

Technical Director

Joel is our resident data specialist and director in charge of technologies. As a subject matter expert he has provided data analytics and technical guidance across various sectors including housing associations, Public Health and the NHS. He has great enthusiasm for working with orgnanisations to help them understand and get the best value from their data.
Photo of Helen

Helen Ginman

Public Health Practitioner

Helen brings a diverse skill set developed within both public and private sector, and across leadership, project management, community psychology and clinical practice roles. She brings a critical lens and perspective, leaning on evidence-based theory to inform practice and often reflects a creative perspective that draws on existing knowledge, experience, understanding and approaches.
Picture of Phil Godfrey

Phil Godfrey

Behaviour Change Trainer

Phil has a keen interest in behavioural sciences from a development, implementation, and evaluation perspective. He leads on an innovative behaviour change capacity building programme, See Change, for the South East region and co-chairs the South East Behavioural Science and Public Health Hub. Phil is a registered Public Health Practitioner and the lead for the Wessex Making Every Contact Count Programme. Phil is one of the first MECC Healthy Conversation Skills Super Trainers.
Picture of Eleanor Thorne

Eleanor Thorne

Public Health Practitioner

Eleanor is a dedicated professional holding master's degrees in Health and Occupational Psychology, driven by a fervent commitment to enhancing workplace well-being. With a rich background in research, consultancy, and coaching, she seamlessly integrates academic rigour with practical insight in her endeavours. Eleanor's focus areas include menopause, women's health conditions, and resilience.

What we do

We work with organisations and communities to support the development of planning, designing, delivery and evaluation of services. From assessing workplace wellness needs to offering low cost, high impact solutions for behaviour change, we offer tangible results while working in partnership with you.

Here are a range of our services.

Behaviour Change Strategy

We support organisations to develop effective public health and behaviour change strategies

Bespoke Training & Coaching

We deliver of fun, interactive, thought-provoking courses on evidence-based approaches including MECC, Behaviour Change and Behaviour Science

RSPH Accredited Courses

We deliver bespoke vocational qualifications for frontline champions. Accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health

Research, Insights & Evalution

We employ a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to understand population needs, evidence and impact

Workplace Health & Wellness

We empower businesses to champion sustainable health and wellbeing for employees