Empowering young people to say no to vaping

Explore our complimentary workshops focused on vaping and young people. Participants will delve into the facts surrounding vapes, understand associated risks, link to local support, and learn the top tips and strategies for stopping vaping. These workshops are exclusively free for Merton schools and youth settings.

Our workshops are designed to be engaging, interactive, and tailored to meet the unique needs of participants. Join us for a fun, educational experience that equips individuals with essential knowledge and strategies to address vaping concerns among young people.

Workshops for young people

These workshops are for young people (Year 6 to Year 13) living, working or studying in Merton.

Learning objectives:

  • Know the vaping basics:
    • Understand what vaping is
    • Know the laws on vaping
    • Spot different vapes and identify illegal ones
  • Explore the health, environmental, and financial risks of vaping
  • Learn effective techniques to stop vaping and manage stress
  • Know what support is available to stop vaping
  • Boost confidence to say no to vaping

Workshops are customised to meet the specific learning needs of each year group.

Workshops for professionals working with young people

These workshops are for people working with young people in schools and youth settings in Merton.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what vaping is, what the laws are around vaping, and to recognise what vapes look like and how to identify illegal vapes
  • Be aware of the health, environmental and financial risks of vaping, including what we do and what we do not already know
  • Develop the skills to have effective conversations with young people about vaping cessation (based on motivational interviewing principles)
  • Know where to signpost young people for support
  • Learn about effective techniques for stopping vaping

Workshop locations

Workshops are available online via MS Teams or can be conducted in-person at your school or youth settings.

How to sign-up

If you are interested in hosting one of these focus groups for young people, staff, or parents at your school or youth setting, you can register your interest here or scan our QR code below.

For more information contact [email protected].

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