Vaping prevention workshops

Four teenagers arm in arm looking out to the sunset

Kick the Cloud – empowering young people to say no to vaping


    • Information on vapes, and risks to vaping

    • Where to go to for support to stop vaping

    • Top tips for stopping vaping and coping with stress


Professionals can deliver these workshop using our lesson plan and slides (with a script), which can be accessed here.

Lesson plan

Slide with script

Our Kick the Cloud resource packs provide information about vaping and tips to support a young person to stop vaping. There is one for parents and one for professionals who work with young people.

The resource packs contain existing resources we have collated and additional resources we have developed.

Resource packs for parents

Resource pack for professionals

Social Media Campaign 

Kick the Cloud social media campaign, includes videos and images on four vaping-related topics:

Health risks of vaping 

Chemicals in vapes 

Financial costs of vaping 

Illegal vapes

You can access our videos on our YouTube channel.

Look out for our social media images on our Instagram page.

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