Resilience and Conflict Resolution workshops for Londoners

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In collaboration with Thrive LDN, Healthy Dialogues ran a series of three forty-five minute resilience workshops and a one-hour conflict resolution workshop. These workshops were funded and supported by the Mayor of London as part of the response to support Londoners’ economic wellbeing and those impacted by cost of living pressures.

The workshops addressed various topics including comprehending stress and resilience, enhancing personal awareness, and refining coping strategies. Additionally, they focused on honing communication skills essential for diffusing conflicts and exploring individual coping mechanisms to effectively manage responses to conflict.

Resilience workshop 1- Understanding stress and resilience

In this workshop we look at why resilience is important in the workplace and how to develop and enhance our resilience. We will also delve into the different ways stress can impact our levels of resilience.

Resilience workshop 2 – Developing personal awareness

In this workshop we look at how negative thoughts can impact our wellbeing and what we can do to reframe these thoughts. We will also identify the strengths we have and how we can use them to enhance our resilience.

Resilience workshop 3 – Developing our coping strategies

In this workshop, we will look at different coping strategies and how to identify our own coping strategies and use them to develop our resilience. We will also look at how we can incorporate mindfulness exercises into our coping toolkit.

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Conflict resolution workshop – Introduction to conflict resolution

In this workshop we will delve into the prevalent causes of workplace conflict. We look at essential communication skills crucial for de-escalating conflicts and investigate personal coping strategies for managing one’s response to conflict. Participants will explore common causes of conflict, communication methods to assist de-escalation and personal coping strategies.

What impact did the workshops have?

1,203 participants attended the workshops and 325 contributed to post-training surveys. Participants were asked to rate how knowledgeable and confident they felt after attending the workshops.

  • 87% of respondents indicated that they felt more knowledgeable about resilience after attending the training.
  • 78% of attendees expressed increased confidence in utilising resilience strategies as a result of the training.
  • 94% indicated a significant improvement in their understanding of workplace conflict dynamics.
  • 94% of attendees reported feeling more knowledgeable about the skills required to de-escalate conflicts effectively.
  • 85% of respondents expressed increased confidence in employing coping strategies to manage their reactions to conflict situations.

What participants said about the workshops…

“Engaging and accessible: a wonderful resource to help everyday people live better informed lives.”

“Very informative workshops and I have been able to adapt the learning to my work environment.”

“Really well presented, engaging and the entire workshop was actually useful for my role. The role play examples worked well and put the theory into relevant practice”